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8 Hotels To Spend Your Wedding Night In London

8 Hotels To Spend Your Wedding Night In London

8 Hotels To Spend Your Wedding Night In London

The wedding night is supposed to be one of the most intimate and precious moments in your life, and the location you choose to spend will play a significant role to attest to that. After the day is done and you’ve already said the vow your vows, cut the cake and tossed the bouquet, where will you spend your first night as a couple? For your love to really bloom after the wedding, it will be crucial to select the right hotel with the kind of vibe you’re looking for. You definitely want things like complimentary cocktails, room service, breakfast in bed, and pampering in spa packages to be part of the special touches included.

Why not conclude the day with a bang just like the wedding itself. London has an array of some of the best places you can spend your wedding night in London. Here are but a few of the best places you should consider:

1. Claridge’s

This is among London’s longest and most glamorous standing establishment. It has impeccable pedigree give that it has been visited with celebrities, royalty and even heads of state due to its luxurious bedrooms and excellent food. The rooms of this establishment can be fitted with unique wedding themes that will offer utmost comfort levels that will have you putting up the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. After all, it’s your night! Your wedding can get even more special if you happen to bump into the rich and famous along the hotel hallways. This iconic hotel will for sure make your wedding night unforgettable.

2. Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London

There’s no better way of celebrating your marriage and wedding night than staying at the highest hotel in London and the world’s most icon building, Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard. You can have your romancing wedding night in London’s bustling streets fifty floors above. It’s actually the most alluring and arguably Europe’s tallest building. Upon arrival, you’ll be treated to a bouquet of flowers to commemorate your special day! There’s an optional complimentary bottle of bubbly to wash down your dinner as well as breakfast the next morning. But there’s nothing as alluring as being above the skyline at the beginning of your life as a union as you enjoy the incredible vistas before you. It’s breathtaking, and for sure an experience you want to share with your significant other.

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3. The Sanderson

Located at the centre of London’s West End, the Sanderson is atop wedding night destination will bring you a world of fantasy and well-being. It’s truly a dream world that epitomises smart luxury that’s tempered and pared-down and has a healthy dose of irony and wit perfect for your wedding night slash honeymoon. Though a ‘50s building, it has a decidedly modern appeal with statement furniture and clean lines. In addition to that, at the reception there’s the unmissable giant red lips that just insinuates romance Enjoy everything the hotel has to offer including thThis coupled together with roses on the bed and room service is undoubtedly a wedding night hotspot.

4. The Rookery

At the Rookery, you can picture sumptuous Georgian detailing, wonky floors, open fire will provide the perfect mood for your first time officially together. The Rookery is a hidden boutique hotel gem housed in Farringdon and Smithfield. Thee Rook Nest Suite is ideal for your wedding night since you’ll get a great view of the Old Bailey and St Paul’s which is pretty romantic.

5. The Zetter Townhouse Marylebone

If the newest couples happen to be history buffs, this is a great place to spend a honeymoon given that space will be occupied with antiques, paintings and vintage fittings and furniture including period features and dark red walls all over. The Zetter Townhouse Marylebone is like a hybrid of an extravagant country pile and the Sir John Soane’s Museum boozy version. During your stay here, the staff will provide superb service that’ll make you feel like right at home for your special night. What’s more, is that there are pre-made cocktails in the mini-bar you can raid if you fill like filling up the tank. And the best part here is that the booze will never stop coming as you take night ‘back in time’. Nestled on Sir John Soane’s Museum, the interior decor is intimate and clubby with decadent and dark walls that provide a clandestine atmosphere. These are all characteristics of what a wedding night should be like.

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6. Bingham Riverhouse

This place is located in a beautiful riverside location, making it perfect for a wedding night. Bordering the Thames with a riverside garden and terrace, it is beautifully lit up during the night, which is just the perfect setting after the biggest day in your life.

7. Rosewood London
This is part of the restored Edwardian mansion that you can gain access to via the courtyard and carriageway. There’s no better place to spend your wedding night than at the flamboyant Belle Epoque Edwardian building that has lovely pillars and marble panels, French Walnut fittings and Cuban mahogany. It’s a grand city hotel that has been transformed into an elegant, laid-back and sophisticated place. The rooms are stylish and combine contemporary decor with original belle epoque elements.

8. Blakes

Opened in 1983, Blakes has surely withstood the test of time. The Corfu Suite at Blakes was given the 2013 Sexiest Bedroom Award – yeah that’s a thing! Every room here is furnished and decorated in different styles. It has remarkable finds sourced from across the globe by hotelier Anouska Hempel. You can have your room customised type of style you prefer.

There you have it! Those are the 8 best places to spend your wedding night in London. Getting married in London is truly magical. The aforementioned London hotels will for sure, make your first night together special. Make sure you select a place that will forever remain ingrained in your mind. The finale is as good as start of the day!


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