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End Of Year Round-up

It’s Been A Minute

The last time I did an end-of-year round-up was in 2016, so I’ve included some images from the past few years in this post. I’m not sure why I’ve waited so long to do a round-up, but I enjoyed going through all my weddings from the past few years and being reminded of how lucky I am to have such an amazing job.

For many of us in the industry, 2022 has been a year of challenges, growth, and creativity. As we look back on the weddings we’ve captured and the couples we’ve had the pleasure of working with, it’s clear that the pandemic has impacted our industry in significant ways. Despite the obstacles, though, we’ve continued to find joy and inspiration in our work.

First, it’s worth acknowledging the elephant in the room: the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past two years, the pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives, including the wedding industry. Many couples had to postpone or cancel their weddings, while others opted for smaller, more intimate celebrations. As a wedding photographer, I had to be adaptable and flexible, willing to work with couples to adjust their plans as needed. This required excellent communication skills and the ability to stay calm under pressure.

That said, I was also able to capture some truly unforgettable moments this year. One of the highlights of my year was photographing wedding in Zakynthos, Greece. It is such a beautiful island and it really was great to be back there again. The couple had originally planned their wedding for 2020, but with the pandemic still raging, they had to move it to 2022. The ceremony was held on the coast, and the light reflecting off the water was simply magical.

Another wedding that stands out in my mind was an autumn celebration held at a historic estate. The couple had originally planned to have an outdoor ceremony, but a sudden rainstorm forced us to move everything indoors at the last minute. Despite the unexpected change of plans, the ceremony was still incredibly beautiful, and the soft, diffused light inside the estate created a cozy, intimate atmosphere. We were able to take advantage of the stunning architecture and decor to capture some truly breathtaking shots of the couple and their guests.

Overall, I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunities I’ve had over the past years as a wedding photographer. It’s been a challenging time, but also a time of growth and creativity. I’ve been forced to think outside the box, to adapt to changing circumstances, and to find new ways of connecting with my clients. Looking ahead to 2023, I’m excited to continue pushing myself creatively and to capture even more unforgettable moments for the couples I work with.

In conclusion, being a wedding photographer is a privilege and a joy. While the pandemic has presented many challenges, it has also given us the opportunity to grow and evolve as artists. I’m grateful for the couples who have trusted me to capture their most precious moments, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds. As we move into 2023, I know that there will be new challenges and new opportunities, and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.

Newlyweds ending their wedding day with a firework display in an open field
A bride been helped by her flower girls with her dress as she is walking in a vineyard in Greece
Groom getting choked up at his ceremony with emotion
Newly married bride and groom walking down the aisle at the wedding
jewish wedding chateau barthelemy
Black and white creative wedding portraits with bride and groom. Slow shutter speed to give an out of focus effect
Black and white wedding portrait silhouette in front of a window with London skyline in the background
the gibberd garden wedding photographer
On a boat in Greece getting hosed down in a pair of budgy smugglers
Groom with a large smile after seen his bride walking down the aisle for the first time
Beautiful wedding portrait of bride and groom on the coastline of Zakynthos, Greece
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best uk wedding photographer
Wedding guests dipping their feet in a pool at a french chateau
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essex wedding venues
best uk wedding photographer
Bride and groom having their wedding portraits done inside Down Hall, Essex
Bride and groom having their portraits taking in a yellow flower field
bride and groom at a jewish wedding
Bride and groom holding sparklers while walking through a sparkler archway
Bride looking at herself in the mirror before her wedding
wedding photographer paris
Father walking his daughter down the aisle to get married
Bride standing on a tree next to her husband he was watching
wellingborough golf club wedding photography
Black and white reflection photo of a bride in the morning
Wedding guests laughing while having a good time and drinking a beer
Bride and groom waving farewell to a wedding bus
covid weddings
Wedding guests with tall chairs on their heads
Married couples first kiss during the ceremony
braxted park wedding venue
stapleford park wedding photography
Black and white photo of a bride holding her gorgeous dress with a smile on her face
Wedding portrait of a bride and groom in front of a wooden door with bricks on the side
Black and white photo in a pack of a wedding car with father kissing his daughters hand
Married couple outside of the town hall having some wedding photos taken
Jewish wedding with bride and groom been lifted on chairs
boreham house wedding photography essex
Photo of bride and groom with their two dogs
Photo of a bride and groom with their backs to the photographer walking away into the sunset
stapleford park wedding prices
Confetti photo of a bride and groom at Chelsea Town Hall
Black and white photo of the top of the bride body cut off walking down some stairs
zakynthos wedding 1
wedding portrait next to the ocean
Bride and groom holding hands at Hedsor house with smiles on their faces
chateau barthelemy wedding venue france
east london wedding couple
Black and white photo of a bride and groom having a private moment
elldhraun lava fields wedding photographer iceland
Black-and-white photograph of a priest in a church
Newly married couple celebrate with raising their fists in the air
the peligoni club wedding
Jewish groom kissing his brides hand
wedding photogapher sorrento 1
Black-and-white photograph of a wedding guest in tears
the old church wedding stoke newington
Photograph of a bride parents watching her get married
wedding garden decoration
Bridal party photograph in front of a willow tree
wedding photos royal exchange london
Black-and-white photograph of a bride and groom during the evening with soft light
stoke newington wedding
zakynthos wedding
Bride given a speech at her wedding at Town Hall Hotel in London
Bride and groom laughing during the wedding speeches
surrey wedding photography
Bride and groom walking down the aisle in a large church in London
islington town hall wedding photography
Black-and-white photograph of a bride with her eyes closed
Wedding guest sitting in a trailer being pulled by a tractor
cadhay wedding photos
Bride and groom holding hands looking directly into the photographers lens with a white background and two large windows
iceland wedding photographer
Groom with his arms wrapped around his mother given her a hug
the chainstore trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer
Sunset photo of a bride and groom in the cornfield with warm light
Brides mother removing her veil during a Jewish wedding ceremony
cadhay wedding photos
cain manor country wedding
Bride with a glass of champagne in her hand and given her bridesmaid a hug with her free arm
Wedding after party with guest drinking shots in a swimming pool in Greece
st helens church wedding
wedding portraits osea island essex
Bride and groom walking down the aisle after the ceremony holding hands with smiles
Groom at an asian wedding on a horse
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Wedding ceremony on the coastline in Greece with ocean backdrop
Black-and-white photograph with bride and groom holding hands
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west mill wedding derby
Black-and-white photograph of a bride looking through the window trying to hide herself from her wedding guests
Wedding guest standing in front of an AC unit to stay cool
Detailed shot of the grooms Tuxedo and buttonhole
st helens church wedding
Wedding guest doing a back dive into the ocean
stapleford park wedding leiceestershire
Black and white sister of the groom sister crying during a speech
Bride and groom fist bump during when speeches
Tilt shift photograph of bride and groom
Bride with a massive smile on her face during her husbands ceremony speech
Groom walking to the ceremony
Elderly person taking a photograph on an iPhone of a wedding party
Confetti shot at town Hall Hotel in Hackney
Black-and-white photograph of a bride of a massive smile on her face
Photograph in a large room with a wedding band
A close-up confetti shot of a bride and groom at town Hall Hotel in Hackney
Bride and groom holding hands in a cornfield during sunset somewhere in Essex
Photograph of a bright reflection in a mirror
Bride hugging family member
Portrait of a bride with your eyes closed and window light from the left
Groom kissing his bride's forehead
Bride and groom stand in front of the window with symmetry in the photo
Black-and-white photograph of a bride and groom crossing the road in London
Wedding rooms get married with large smiles on their face
Grooms brother laughing hysterically
indonesia pre wedding photography
Birdseye photo of a bride and grooms first dance with a disco ball in the photo
Bride and groom kissing each other with confetti in their hair
Very happy looking bride after having her make up done
A bride at a Jewish wedding been lifted in a chair
Black-and-white photograph of a groom hugging his father with his mother in the background
Creative black-and-white photograph of a bride stand in front of the door
Jewish groom been lifted by his groomsmen
Night portrait of a bride and groom standing next to some fairy lights
Wedding guests are looking at cards
Wedding details at a wedding in Greece in a vineyard
Bride have an address held by her bridesmaids
I lovely moment with the bride and groom during their wedding ceremony
Create a black and white silhouette photograph of a groom in Greece
Sunset wedding portraits
ubud pre wedding shoot
Pool party from the day after a Greek wedding
Groom seeing his bride walk down the aisle
Bride and groom walking towards the wedding guests at a Greek wedding during the evening lit by festoon lighting
Tall groom kissing his bride on the head
Wedding details of the dinner table
Black-and-white photograph of a bride holding her grooms hand seen the wedding room for the first time
Bride and groom hugging
Sunset wedding portrait of a bride and groom
Evening photograph of a wedding venue with festoon lighting
Wedding portrait of a bride standing in front of a bathtub
Black and white groomsmen photographs in front of the graffiti wall
bali pre wedding photoshoot
Groom pulling out a chair so his bride can sit down with dramatic lighting
wedding ceremony during a wedding at chateau barthelemy from across a pond
Bride and groom having a photograph taken in front of three windows
Portrait of a bride and groom walking down the streets of London
Wedding guests have an outdoor meal in a vineyard lit by festoon lighting