Iceland Wedding Guide

Iceland Wedding Planning Guide

A Comprehensive Guide To Having A Wedding or Elopement In Iceland

Many people have dreamt of how their wedding should be from the time that they were young. If yours is to get married in a romantic island with dramatic landscapes, black sandy beaches, and great culture, then Iceland could be the unique destination that you have been dreaming of. It is located halfway between North America and Europe and has become a popular wedding destination for many couples. So, why not go on an adventure and have your wedding there? You will have memories that will last a lifetime. However, one needs to know all that will be required before having a wedding in Iceland. Below is a guide on how to go about it.

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Reasons To Get Married In Iceland.

• The wedding requirements are quite straightforward; hence, you can marry within any religion or lack thereof.

• The wedding photos will be spectacular due to the fantastic scenery.

• They legalised same-sex marriages in 2010; which makes it a perfect location for gay couples.

• The people in Iceland are amiable and will ensure that you enjoy your stay there.

• The landscape is breath-taking; you can get married on top of a glacier, on a cliff or even in a cave. Your imaginations will come to life here.

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The Best Time To Get Married In Iceland.

With the four seasons, one may be lost for option on when they should have their wedding. Below are the pros and cons of the various seasons; hence, one can make an informative decision on what works best for them.


• It is low season; hence, it will be less expensive to have a wedding at this time.

• Northern lights.

• Average temperatures are – 3°C and 2°C.

• Many areas will be snowy.


• There is the midnight sun.

• The highland roads will be open at this time.

• The area will be green.

• The weather is excellent; hence moving around is easier.

• It is high season; hence, everything will be more expensive.

• Average temperatures are 8 to 15 °C.

Autumn And Spring.

• Northern lights in September.

• It is the shoulder season; hence less expensive than the high season.

The northern lights are usually not visible all year round; they can only be seen from October to March on a clear night.

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Marriage Laws In Iceland.

Foreigners usually have an easy time getting married in Iceland since it does not have complicated rules. However, there are some laws that will need to be adhered to for one to be married, and some paperwork filled out. One of its advantages is that people do not need to spend a lot of money translating their documents if they are already in English. If the records are not in English or Scandinavian languages, they have to have an accompanying translation. The people getting married also need to be at least 18 years of age. They need not be previously married, but if that is the case, they will need to provide proof of divorce.

All these documents will need to be submitted to the National Registry Office in Reykjavik at least three weeks before the wedding date to ensure that the marriage licence is prepared in due time. Alternatively, one can decide to email the documents first, then take the original documents in person, no later than five days to the wedding. If the papers arrive later than this timeframe, then the marriage will inevitably be cancelled. Below are the legal documents required:

• Marriage Notification.

• Birth certificates of both parties. They should be original documents.

• Certificate of marital status, to be issued within eight weeks, before the date of the wedding.

• A divorce decree if either party is divorced.

• If the bride or groom is a widow or widower, a document showing that the estate of the deceased has been finalised will be needed.

• Valid passports for both parties.

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Wedding Venues In Iceland.

There are numerous venues that one can choose from, depending on what one wants for their wedding day. If you are traditional and want to do it in a church, then you can do it in Hallgrimskirkja, the biggest church in Reykjavik which can fit around 750 people or in one of the small churches in the city which can even house as little as ten people, based on your preference. If you do not want to do it that way, then you can get married outdoors. The option for this will be endless; you can do it inside a cave, in a meadow, on top of a mountain, in one of Iceland’s National parks, on the beach or beside the stunning waterfalls Iceland has. One can decide to have the ceremony there or have their wedding photos in the destination. When it comes to waterfalls, it is crucial for one to note that the bigger it is, the noisier it will be; hence it may distract the wedding activities, and one may not even be able to hear the vows of their partner.

If you want to spare no costs on your wedding day, why not rent a helicopter to take you to the location of the wedding as you enjoy the beautiful scenery? Better yet, why not have your wedding inside the plane? In Iceland, all these options are possible to ensure that one gets the day that they will never forget.

For the reception, there are many venues in Iceland that one can choose from. There are museums, theatres, sophisticated hotels in the countryside, music halls, to name a few. If one desires to opt for a reception outdoors, they can rent a large tent and have their reception there. The tent will also shelter the guests from the harsh weather.

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What To Wear.

Iceland is quite chilly, especially in winter; hence, it is vital for one to dress warmly, especially for outdoor weddings. Ensure that you have a warm coat to wear over the wedding gown when it gets cold. Also, the groom should ensure that he keeps warm.

Iceland is a spectacular destination for a wedding. When planning for a wedding in that location, it is advised to hire a local wedding planner since they will help with all the paperwork, dealing with suppliers, having a plan B for the wedding in case of unforeseen problems, and will ensure that the day is stress-free for you.

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