Planning A Garden Wedding

Top Tips On How To Plan An Enchanting Garden Wedding

Planning a garden wedding can be more hectic compared to an indoor celebration because of the many variables that have to be considered outdoors. Whether you have the help of a wedding planner or you are going about it alone, this article will discuss some simple yet useful tips on how to plan for an enchantingly perfect lawn wedding.

The first thing you should do is choose the garden where the celebration will be held. This is an important consideration and it will have a big bearing on many other parts of your celebration. For example, the number of guests that you invite will be dictated by the available space. If you are saying ‘I do’ in a rented garden space, it is important that you query if there are any special permits that are required for using the space to hold a wedding celebration. In some areas, you may need permits to put up decorations or congregate.

Gardens are scenic and beautiful thanks to the abundance of Flora and Fauna. However, your wedding will only come once and it is also a great opportunity for you to impress the guests celebrating with you on your big day. As such, it is best that you bring in gardeners or landscaping professionals to spruce up the space a few days before the actual wedding day. If you are leaning towards holding your wedding outdoors, consider the season before setting a date. Garden weddings are best when it is dry, the flowers are blooming and the sun is shining overhead. Should you hold a garden wedding during the winter, your celebration can end up getting cut short by changes in the weather.

Your attire is another thing that should be at the fore of your mind. To choose the ideal wedding attire, consider the season and the duration of the celebration. Ensure that you choose attire that complements the current weather patterns. Additionally, when sending out wedding invitations, ensure that you inform all guests on the most ideal attire to wear so that they do not come overdressed or underdressed. For an outdoor wedding, you should be prepared that there may be pesky insects such as bees and other bugs that can disrupt your celebration. To be on the safe side, you can consider bringing some insect repellent to avoid being bitten.

To ensure that everyone follows the proceedings without missing a thing, ensure that you engage a skilled sound technician with quality equipment. Ensure that the sound system is tested and re-checked for clarity so that there are no hitches as your ceremony is going on. Ensure that your guests are plied with exquisite cuisine and beverages by booking a great catering agency. Ensure that you have sufficient beverages especially if it is sunny. If you are not expecting a lot of guests to join you, you can cut back on your wedding budget by choosing to cook for your guests.

As stated earlier, wedding planning can be stressful especially should you choose to go about it alone. To give yourself time to enjoy your special day, consider asking for help from close friends and family members. Alternatively, you can also consult with a wedding planner. Based on their vast experience in setting up successful outdoor weddings, planners can help you set up an alluring and amazing space within your budget in a short period of time. If you will be leasing an outdoor venue, you can save a lot of cash by booking your desired space ahead of time. Outdoor wedding spaces tend to be expensive especially during the peak summer season.

It is your big day and you do not want anything coming between you and perfection. To set your big day up for success, ensure that you have a backup plan should factors such as bad weather force you to rethink your outdoor wedding plan. If you are leasing a space, ensure that you pick a venue that also has an indoor space where you can hold your celebration should things go unexpectedly. Creating the perfect garden wedding can be daunting but if you follow the tips described above, you are on a way to creating the perfect wedding you have always dreamed of.

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[…] Planning a garden wedding is usually more hectic in comparison to planning an indoor wedding due to the numerous variables that you must consider when planning an outdoor event. Whether you are being assisted by a wedding planner or you are doing it alone, here you will find some simple but effective tips for planning the best garden wedding. […]