Planning A Vegan Wedding

Ultimate Guide For Planning A Vegan Wedding

Weddings are once in a lifetime events for most couples, and it is, therefore, essential that you make thorough plans beforehand. While it was previously seen as an unconventional movement, veganism is now popular with the options available. Vegans have taken the movement to another level – tying the knot in vegan-themed weddings! Before making plans for a vegan wedding, be sure to identify the areas with the most impact and channel more money, time, and effort. Apart from food, it is essential to have non-animal products for other things at the wedding as well.
Looking to throw an unforgettable vegan wedding? Here’s a guide to help you with the planning.

Food and Drinks

Weddings are all about keeping yourself and your guests happy with great food and drinks. As such, hiring an experienced caterer who specialises in vegan food. For your big day, you don’t want to settle on boring portions of marinated vegetables. You can suggest elegant appetisers and crowd-pleasers to your caterer, with bruschetta, vegetable kebabs, and vegan desserts like brownies and peanut butter cookie bars all viable options.

For the wedding cake, working with a vegan bakery should be on the cards. Luckily, there are simple ways of replacing the animal products used in baking for the perfect vegan cake. Beside a vegan cake, a cupcake tower is also a great idea if properly executed. To “veganize” a cake, all you have to do is using egg replacements and using nut milk instead of dairy milk.

Wines are also an important part of a wedding. While many wines and beers may not be suitable for vegans due to the manufacturing process, getting the best vegan wines is a way to great to ensure that your guests are only treated to vegan-friendly drinks.

To get the food and drinks right, do your research diligently, do the tasting early enough, and talk to your caterer about any ideas they may have to make the food even greater. The idea is to have food that is familiar to all your guests. However, a buffet would be a great option whenever you want the guests to choose the foods they want to try.

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Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses are of huge significance in a wedding. Most of them may be made of silk, nylon, and rayon-based fabrics that are considered high-quality. For vegan weddings, however, it is important to avoid any dress that contains silk, wool, pearls, or leather. Shopping for a vegan wedding dress can, therefore, be difficult, especially since silk is a common material bridal material.

To avoid any disappointment on your wedding day, check your labels to be sure of the dress you pick. It is also advisable to look up designers who are clear about vegan-friendly wedding dresses. With them, finding the perfect vegan wedding dress becomes easy. A sewist could also come in handy if you need a custom-made wedding as they can help with the choice of fabric.

Picking the accessories to go with the wedding dress should not be a challenge either. Make sure you avoid hairpieces with feathers and real pearls. For the makeup and hair products, look for hair and makeup artists who specialise in vegan and cruelty-free products.

Vegan Suits

On a wedding day, grooms have to consider their fashion choices as well. Most importantly, they should watch out for silk and wool in ties, shirts, suits, and tuxedos. To cut the shopping hassles, grooms can opt for custom-made suits, which could be made of their material of choice. Whatever the choice of suit, avoid leather shoes and check what vegan shoe companies have to offer.

For the wedding attire, another great option is hiring a used dress and suit. Regardless of the vegan status, you can donate the money saved towards protecting animals. This way, you can save more animals from harm. Talk of a classy option!

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Wedding Location and Venue

With the location, you can start by searching for a vegan venue near you online. You can also convince a non-vegan venue to cater yours as the first vegan wedding. However, the priority should be choosing a venue that offers vegan catering or allows outside vegan catering.

A rural wedding venue is also a great option for a vegan wedding, although it would be advisable to check if it links to a farm manufacturing any animal products. Avoid any venues that may be surrounded by parkland which could be used as deer parks, hunts or county shows. The idea is to make sure that the whole venue is vegan-friendly.

Wedding Rings

To complement the social justice concerns vegans may have, it is important to choose diamond alternatives. You may choose rings made of any precious stones as they still look gorgeous on the newly-weds.

Vegan weddings are now mainstream events and should not be challenging to plan. For starters, the food, drinks, wedding attire, and venue should all be vegan friendly.

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