Weddings at Old Gore by Yard Space

There is nothing more memorable and charming than weddings. This is a big day for everyone including the couple, their family, and of course their friends. It brings everyone together and it is a momentous time for the couple to begin a new chapter in their lives. However, it also brings along with a decision to make. This includes where the wedding is going to be hosted. You will want to look at an option such as Old Gore by Yard Space, which is located in Cirencester. This is a beautiful venue that has a little bit of everything and is going to make sure your wedding is magical.

What makes this venue special? It is located in the Cotswolds and has some of the best sights in the business. This is due to the natural rolling hills and the villages that are noticeable from the venue. It is something that has the romantic elegance you are on the hunt for with a wedding venue. It is also close to major cities such as London and Bristol making it easy to access on the day.

When coming to this beautiful venue, guests are going to appreciate the Georgian architecture and it is going to be well-maintained down to the last detail. It also has a sophisticated charm that is hard to beat, which makes it beautiful for any wedding theme that you have in mind. It is a house that has a beautiful garden and a relaxing environment that will make you fall in love immediately.

When you begin to observe the beauty of this wedding venue, you will also notice the barn. This is a charming feature associated with the venue as the barn is where the wedding is going to be hosted. This is where you are going to enjoy an authentic experience that is ready to be personalised down to the last detail. You can turn the wedding into whatever you want inside this part of the venue.

Couples can pick the package that works for them. This is the beauty of personalisation at Old Gore by Yard Space because it is not going to be a cookie-cutter fit. It is going to be based on what you want as a couple. This includes floral arrangements, catering, and anything else you can think of.

When it comes to catering at this venue, you are going to get access to the best options in the region. The finest caterers are ready to help with the wedding food and will make sure it is in line with the dietary needs that you have. This includes setting up appetisers, sit-down meals, and whatever else you can think of during the planning phase. It will be tailored to your needs.

The staff has been working on-site for years and understands the importance of professionalism and friendliness. This makes it a breeze to enjoy what they have to offer and will make sure the results are on par with what you require as a couple. It is going to be a relaxing process as everything will be taken care for you.

This is the ultimate wedding venue and the right fit for your needs. The location is beautiful, the service is great, and you will get to personalise it based on what you desire. It doesn’t get better than this whether you want something grand or more intimate. Start here and go with a wedding venue that is going to cater to your needs.